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Obtaining new customers is crucial for any business, but enticing online customers can be especially difficult. Blue Global Media is dedicated to helping businesses achieve one goal- acquiring new online customers. As an industry leader in online lead generation and acquisition, Blue Globe Media provides their clients with the maximum return on their investment.

They combine proprietary and innovative technology solutions to ensure clients receive the best leads. The firm offers an array of affordable and flexible products for lead generation and customer acquisition that targets the ideal customers for their clients’ business. Traffic is converted into new and measureable customers.

The firm utilizes custom-built technology interfaces that are user-friendly to provide real-time leads, based on client-specified parameters and budgets. They employ strict restrictions and controls on all of their interfaces to ensure only the highest quality leads are presented. The websites in which they’re currently involved generate 5,000 to 10,000 leads per day. Using state-of-the art SEO and highly competitive keyword strategies, they’re able to maintain a portfolio of the most

highly ranked and valued affiliate websites. They invest heavily in research to learn about the ideal customer, directly from consumers. They conduct focus groups and similar activities to deliver the customers their clients desire, while ensuring the best possible experience for website visitors.

Advertisers benefit through the firm’s targeted campaigns. Blue Global Media never requests advertisers to pay upfront for their services. They know how to work within their clients’ budgets and goals to produce measureable results while keeping advertising costs to a minimum.

Their products for affiliate marketers have undergone extensive testing for usability and lead conversion. They currently have the largest network of established financial lenders that pay commissions for successful CPA and CPM affiliate programs. Blue Global has also created a customized, multi-lender search engine for a one-stop financial solution. They work with clients to determine which products are most effective for each individual website and clientele.

Blue Global Media employs a number of methods that include pay-per-click, direct marketing and lead aggregation, as well as SEO, viral buzz and blog traffic. The firm offers unique selling proposition strategies to help establish a stronger web presence. They also utilize a vast array of market research, in addition to analytics and psychographics of existing customers.

For those new to online marketing, the site also offers a comprehensive explanation of terms. It provides novices with a valuable reference and introduction to ideas and terms they’ll encounter.
Blue Global Media offers solutions to fit any budget and goal. They’re dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed utilizing technological and common sense solutions that will work for novices as well as established marketers.

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  1. Shannon wrote on February 21st, 2012:


    When I first started with Blue Global Media a couple of years ago, I was surprised by the amount of
    creatives that were available for my affiliate campaigns. I didn’t have to figure out what I was going to use,
    I had more than enough that they provided to set up outstanding campaigns. I definitely felt prepared and
    that I had a lot to work with.

    It’s over two years later, I am still going strong, and BGM regularly adds new offers for me to promote, so I never run out of offers to send my regular customers and my new ones as well. Even though I have been with them for over two years, if I ever need help with a new campaign, they are right there, ready to offer me support. They are truly a company that cares about its affiliates.

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