CPA Tank

CPATank is an Affiliate Haven. We are affiliates who got sick of the control that advertisers have over affiliates and we got sick of the networks that let advertisers walk all over the affiliates who make them all their money.

We have your back as an affiliate 100%. Besides having full time managers with 5 years + affiliate marketing experience available at least 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week and on holidays, and 24 hour support by Email, we also offer exclusive methods and training guides to promote every single one of our offers. We also run very slim profit margins; I dare you to find a network that pays more per sale on ANY offer that we carry.

We also have a NO SHAVING POLICY and we have been praised for our fast response in eliminating advertisers who scrub and shave from out network. We have never shaved a single affiliate and any sponsor/advertiser that shaves gets ditched at the first sign of that. We don’t stand for it, never have, and never will.

We can also get you any offer you want to get fast – not to mention we are one of the fastest paying networks anywhere on the internet, and all payments are 100% Guaranteed, no other network has the track record that our executives have when it comes to in full on time payments with NO BS EVER.

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