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Webmasters & Web Publishers, Calling your Attention!!! CPA Thunder now offers you an excellent revenue generating tool that is both substantive and credible. We accomplish this through the advertisements placed on your websites and through your mailing lists. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Well, not so much if you own a legitimate website or a mailing list, because then we invite you to apply for membership as a revenue sharing partner at CPA Thunder. As an Affiliate in our network, we provide you with an array of creative in each program’s banner farm. We also provide you with marketing material, which ensures that you are accurate when promoting any program.

Affiliates in general need to be well informed about the marketing trends to avoid any faux pas. Hence, we send out a program announcement to the affiliates who are in need, whenever any marketing material is updated or changed.

Achieve multiple profit opportunities through our various marketing channels and affiliate partner programs:

Affiliates’ Benefits

  • Competitive Highest Payout
  • On Time Monthly Payment
  • Dedicated Custom Service
  • High Quality and Exclusive Offers
  • Real Time Tracking and Reporting
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