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Why Work with us?

Pure CPA network – currently the only pure CPA based open network in the UK. We make it easy for the best advertisers to work with us without all the contractual red tape.

Access to top advertising budgets – Through our agency relationships in the UK we have access to many FTSE100 companies, along with a broad range of international advertisers across many verticals.

Open Network – As an affiliate of Global Direct Media, you have access to all our programs in the network, once you are approved onto the network you can choose which campaigns you wish to run.

Flexible Payments – In return for your commitment to our network we offer flexible payment terms to affiliates as well as the ability to pay in multiple currencies and by wire transfer.

We Feel Your Pain – With experienced staff across all online mediums, we can help you with your day to day challenges and optimisation of your campaigns, whether you are a search specialist or email marketer. You have dedicated affiliate managers available to assist you in achieving your goals.

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